“The Genius of Dogs” – Hare & Woods

Dr. Hare discovered some interesting things that dogs could do awhile back.  Then many years later he wrote this book with Vanessa Woods.  While taking his course on Coursera I read this book and found it to be rather enlightening.

The Genius of Dogs - Hare & Woods

Ease of Reading(10/10): I went through this book rather quickly.  

Usefulness of Information(8/10): Some of the information is slightly biographical but I found that it lends itself well to keeping you interested and in giving you an understanding for the processes that went into the conclusions his research has fetched.

CostAmazon.ca has this book for $15.86 paperback.  It is also available in hard cover and Kindle with higher and lower values respectively.

Bottom Line: This is a book that leaves the reader understanding to some extent what cognition is and how it works in their dog.  I feel that this is a useful addition to a persons readings so that they can be more sympathetic to their canine companion.  I know I personally had a greater appreciate of Lilo’s mind and why she stumbles on certain activities.


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