Dog Emotion and Cognition – Duke University (through Coursera)

An on-line course offered for free from Dr. Hare (the gentleman introduced in last weeks review with the cognition book), Dog Emotion and Cognition offers 10-15 hours of lectures and “assignments” which leads to either an understanding of your dog(for free) OR that AND a certificate showing you did the course.

I ended up opting into getting the certificate though you get no additional learning from it.  I also haven’t subscribed to his Dognition website yet though I’d like to.

Ease of Use(7/10): Overall this was an extremely easy course to follow along with and understand with the exception of some of the quizzes making no sense in either the wording or the answers.  You CAN however try it again and it takes 3 seconds to go through a second time so that does make up for it.  The “assignments” contain mandatory quizzes, optional readings(which I recommend) and optional time on his website(definitely do the free activities, it’s pretty cool).

Usefulness of Information(8.5/10): I loved the amount of information provided and a lot of this was new for me, however I do have to admit that there was a lot of talk about his website(which I hope to review soon).  It IS a course for free(unless you buy the certificate) so it isn’t that bad but I know some people got frustrated by feeling like he was trying to sell the website to learners(there is a bonus discount to the website if you are watching this course).

Cost: Free!  Unless you want the certificate and then it is $49.00.

Bottom Line: The information in this course(and the book) teaches you a tremendous amount about how your dog thinks.  It’s allowed me to view Lilo with more compassion when she does ‘dumb’ things.  If I wasn’t gearing for a career in animal behaviour I would not have paid for the certificate but I definitely think it’s worth the time to do the course.


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