Myself: I’m a recent Kinesiology grad and current Veterinary Technician student.  My goal is to specialize in animal behaviour and try to maintain a down-to-earth approach when it comes to raising animals.  I started this blog when I noticed a lack of in depth information on many of the dog products that I wanted to try with my pup.  I hope that my adventures with various toys/equipment/books can help you enhance your relationship with your pet while staying within budget and not mourning the early loss of an expensive item.

Lilo: A canine rescue from a shelter – she was found on the street and was all to eager to jump into the police officers car and go for a ride.  Adopted at 8 months old she was full of energy and has brought toy destruction into my life.  She’s been guessed at being a border collie cross lab but whoever wants to take a stab at it is more than welcome.  Tug-O-War is her favourite game but if it involves affection or food she’s game.

Dinah: A feline rescue from a shelter that I met while in college – Dinah is a special princess.  Estimated at 3 years old upon rescue Dinah only knows how to whine.  She also loves to get in the way (what cat doesn’t) and is situated right beside my mouse while she grooms herself.  She is a tiny cat that has renal insufficiency but that doesn’t stop her from ruling the roost and chasing whatever tickles her fancy.

Lilo & Dinah - May 2015