Aussie Naturals – Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

In attempting to find something that Lilo will actually take time to chew I decided to try a salmon skin cigar.
Aussie Naturals - Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

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Crumps’ naturals – Sweet Potato Chews

These were on sale and I figured I’d give em a shot as the only listed ingredient was sweet potato and I wanted to see if Lilo would like it.

Crumps' Naturals - Sweet Potato Chews


I’ve also wanted to buy a dehydrator for awhile and thus figured I’d see if the end product was appreciated in the first place.

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Dog Emotion and Cognition – Duke University (through Coursera)

An on-line course offered for free from Dr. Hare (the gentleman introduced in last weeks review with the cognition book), Dog Emotion and Cognition offers 10-15 hours of lectures and “assignments” which leads to either an understanding of your dog(for free) OR that AND a certificate showing you did the course.

I ended up opting into getting the certificate though you get no additional learning from it.  I also haven’t subscribed to his Dognition website yet though I’d like to.

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“Decoding Your Dog” – American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

I recently attended a lecture from a veterinary behaviourist and she recommended that those of us attending give this book a try.  It’s new, it’s shiny and it’s written by people who know science.

Decoding Your Dog - American College of Vetarinary Behaviorists

I’m going to put it right here: I love this book.

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Purina – Yesterday’s News

Dinah, my cat, has urinary insufficiency.  This means she passes a lot of urine.  I wanted to get a product that absorbed more than the average clump of clay and yet was also environmentally friendly.  I took a stab at Yesterday’s News.

Purina - Yesterday's News

Cats can be phenomenally picky about litter(potential understatement) so I was nervous that Dinah would reject this litter and I’d have wasted my money.  Fortunately this wasn’t the case and Dinah and I have been enjoying this litter.

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