Aussie Naturals – Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

In attempting to find something that Lilo will actually take time to chew I decided to try a salmon skin cigar.
Aussie Naturals - Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

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I have gone through and updated some of the posts, I am starting to get more toys again and will be looking forward to writing posts in the recent future.  I wrote a list of what changed below in case you want to check quickly what changed.

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Temporary Hold On Posts

Due to having no funds for new toys/treats I’ll be holding on making posts for awhile.  I’m still update on any competitions and whatnot but for now reviews are going to be down.  Once I gain more funds I’ll resume writing.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Battle PooFoot – with PoopPatrol

I have been excited for this opportunity for awhile now and have been eagerly awaiting it.  Earth Rated is launching PoopPatrol!

I have been horribly antagonized the past while by all the dog owners out there who don’t pick up their poop.  I love my pup and I love the vast majority of pups out there but nobody loves poo and nobody loves poo on their shoe(okay okay, SOME people do but they are the minority and frankly I’m sure they can figure something out without dog owners leaving poo behind).  I also hate how my apartment complex constantly pressures us responsible dog owners to pick up our dogs poo.  I pick up my pups poo, I can’t pick it up any more than I already am.  I often try to scoop up neighbouring poos to my pups own but there is only so much that can fit into one baggy.

Here comes PoopPatrol!  Volunteers can get together and clean up local parks so that they can be clean and welcoming to the public.  Here’s the best part: Earth Rated will provide the waste baggies!

So they are looking for people to suggest public spaces/dog parks that need help and let them know how you think you could help(may I suggest saying you’ll scoop the poop?).

You can sign up here.  Please do, this is an amazing opportunity to make your living space better(for free) AND the people in your community will be grateful and maybe less irate at the dogs in the neighbouring region.

I’m signing up, I’m going to be attempting to recruit all the people in my apartment complex that I can because this is amazing.

Poop Patrol awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Earth Rated Competition: Are You a Dog Mom?

Guess who has another competition?  Earth Rated!Image

They are looking for for people who love their dogs like children(therefore being a dog mom/dad).  They want our pictures!

So you can post to their Facebook Wall, instagram them with the #dogmoms @earthrated OR tweet them @earthrated.

A winner will be chosen every few days and they will receive an “awesome Earth Rated prize pack”.


So join in on the fun!  I know I will, make sure if you want to enter that you do so by the 15th of this month.

Adoption(of a dog)

Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of when I signed a piece of paper and Lilo entered my home.  It was a hectic day and there was more than one moment where I thought “what have I done, why did I pick THIS dog”.  The thing is, I’m sitting here a year later and this is my dog, this is the dog for me and we are a match that is perfect.  So today I’m going to write about things that people say about shelter dogs that just aren’t true, because she was just what I needed and having bought a puppy from a store(please never buy a dog from a store) or a breeder(this is the best choice of non-adoptions in my opinion) wouldn’t have quite done it for me at the time.

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Earth-Rated #FrostFingers Campaign

Earth-Rated has yet another event where they are giving out some awesome gloves that will help you open a poop bag in cold weather.

Earth Rated #FrostFingers

It’s a fairly simple event in terms of how to participate, simply click the link at the top of this post and then post the reason why you’d like a pair of gloves.  They’ll pick 1,000 people and then send them a pair of gloves.

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Earth Rated – Mila’s Way Home

Earth-Rated is going to be sharing a story starting tomorrow.  It will be a social media Christmas story so the link is to their Facebook page where you can Like to see the story.

What I know this far is that Mila is a homeless dog trying to find her forever home.  Mila’s story will be told over ten days with ten pictures being posted in total, one each day.  Earth-Rated will be showing how people can give back the community and help shelter animals even if they can’t adopt.  I’m excited to check in on this as I may just learn something new.

As I said this will run from the 20th to the 30th with one picture a day, if you’re interested just click the link up above and Like their page.  After that you can just check in each day and see the newest picture of the day.

Just a quick update off schedule so that you don’t have to feel behind, normally I’d post on Mondays but this was too good to not include.

Take care!

Remembrance Day

It is the eleventh of November, which means that today is a day meant for remembering those who served to keep us safe, those who were lost to such causes and those surrounding the war who suffered in all the ways that war gives cause to suffer.

I was going to post a review but have opted instead to write a quick message about today. As a day where we are to remember the true cost of war so that we may not forget, let us also turn and give thanks to the families that gave their dogs to the war and feel sorrow for the many that never heard of or saw them again.  Tragedies were made all around and decisions were poor at times and dogs and their families suffered for it.  Hundreds of dogs were put into service on both sides of the war, for a variety of purposes.  Some were abandoned after some wars and some were safely delivered back to their homes, but those were few.  It is important to remember this cost just like any other, and please take the time to think of, and thank, the dogs and their handlers that dedicate their lives to helping people be safe, overseas and not.

War is a cruel act that discards many to despair, let us remember so we do not repeat.

Take care.