“The Genius of Dogs” – Hare & Woods

Dr. Hare discovered some interesting things that dogs could do awhile back.  Then many years later he wrote this book with Vanessa Woods.  While taking his course on Coursera I read this book and found it to be rather enlightening.

The Genius of Dogs - Hare & Woods

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“Decoding Your Dog” – American College of Veterinary Behaviorists

I recently attended a lecture from a veterinary behaviourist and she recommended that those of us attending give this book a try.  It’s new, it’s shiny and it’s written by people who know science.

Decoding Your Dog - American College of Vetarinary Behaviorists

I’m going to put it right here: I love this book.

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“DogTown” – Stefan Bechtel

Stefan Bechtel writes about the dogs that were rescued and rehabilitated by the DogTown team while also focusing on relaying the human component of dog rescue/rehabilitation as well.

DogTown - Stefan Bechtel

This book appears to be written to compliment the show as most, if not all, of the dogs were commented on as having a fan base from airing on an episode.

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“101 ways to Do More with Your Dog” – Kyra Sundance

Kyra Sundance has created a book that is intended to give you 101 ways to do more with your dog.  The focus is said to be on things such as sports, games, exercise, bonding and such.

101 Ways to Do More With Your Dog - Kyra Sundance

I was rather let down by this book to be honest as it was more of a “these are things that people do with dogs” book than a “these is things you can do with your dog”.
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“Modern Dog Magazine”

A Canadian magazine about dogs, Modern Dog Magazine gathers articles from members of the scientific community as well as craft fiends, random people, and dog trainers.
Modern Dog MagazineI originally looked into Modern Dog Magazine because of a recommendation in one of Stanley Coren’s books, I was not disappointed, at first.

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“The Modern Dog” – Stanley Coren

Exploring the co-evolution of humans and dogs, Stanley Coren uses his scientific knowledge to deliver a readable account of various theories on humans and dogs over the years.

The Modern Dog

This is a book built for giving more knowledge on the human-dog bond as it’s formed throughout history.  This is not for people who choose to subscribe to religious beliefs that say that evolution is a lie, he talks about knowledge based on theories such as evolution, and uses his knowledge on archaeology to help further the book.
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“Good Owners, Great Dogs” – Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson

Focusing on a balanced training approach, “Good Owners, Great Dogs” works to help owners solve their “bad dog” problems by understanding the body language of the pup.  Corrections are not shunned but care is made to ensure that people know what is a “correction” and what is “useless/abusive”.

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