Purina: Busy Bone

Purina makes the Busy Bone – a treat that my friend gave me to try with Lilo.

Purina - Busy Bone

I was unsure of how long this seemingly soft treat would last but I figured I’d give it a shot as hey – a free treat.

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Jolly Pets: Jolly Ball

In looking for something for my dog to wrestle with that would drain her energy I came across the Jolly Ball.  The price was steep for my income and the material seemed easily destroyed but I was assured it was well loved by dogs so I decided to give it a shot.
Jolly Ball

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All For Paws: Mouth Massagers

A toy with no stuffing and a dental ball underneath the cute exterior drew my eye when I was Christmas shopping for myself Lilo.
All for Paws - Mouth MassagersSeriously though, how can you resist something this cute?  Especially when it advertises that it has a dental ball inside of it so that your dog gets a mouth massage when it chews on it.

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Flossy: 3-Knot Color Rope Tug

Flossy markets this tug toy as a way to help clean your pups teeth and massage their gums when they tug and chew on it.

Flossy - 3 Knot Color Rope Tug

I bought these for the first tug toys my dog and I would enjoy because they looked durable and like they would withstand some heavy playtime.

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Kong Original: Extreme

The packaging claims that it will entertain and satisfy power chewers. It also claims to be recommended by vets worldwide.
Kong Original: Extreme

While I’m no vet, I too recommend this product for power chewers. My dog can decimate chew toys that are supposed to last hours in 20 minutes flat due to her sharp teeth and ability to find weaknesses. The large has yet to show any wear and tear on it and I’ve had it for about 4 months now, the XL was given to her yesterday and she can fit her bottom jaw into the hole, but still has yet to do any damage.
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