ToysRUs Pets – Squeaky Spike Ball

This toy reminded me of a similar toy I had gotten her previously(Mouth Massager) and I figured I’d give it a shot as a smaller ball could be fun for her to play with.

Featured image

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JW Pet Company: Pheasant Dummy

I purchased the pheasant dummy when I first got my “border collie cross lab” as I figured she’d adore retrieving it. JW - Pheasant Dummies Well, I was right in that she loved finding it and running around with it proudly displaying to the world that SHE found and got the dummy. Continue reading

Jolly Pets: Jolly Ball

In looking for something for my dog to wrestle with that would drain her energy I came across the Jolly Ball.  The price was steep for my income and the material seemed easily destroyed but I was assured it was well loved by dogs so I decided to give it a shot.
Jolly Ball

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All For Paws: Mouth Massagers

A toy with no stuffing and a dental ball underneath the cute exterior drew my eye when I was Christmas shopping for myself Lilo.
All for Paws - Mouth MassagersSeriously though, how can you resist something this cute?  Especially when it advertises that it has a dental ball inside of it so that your dog gets a mouth massage when it chews on it.

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Hear Doggy!: Flats

An “ultrasonic toy” that says “no more annoying squeaky toys!” attracted my eye and I read that this toy emits a sound that is above the human range of hearing.  While looking at it Lilo was having a hissy fit as the sound of pushed air hit my ears from the squeaker, so I got it.

Hear Doggy! - Flats Cat

I have no idea if it makes a noise above 20KHz but I can say that it doesn’t make a squeak that I can hear.

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Flossy: 3-Knot Color Rope Tug

Flossy markets this tug toy as a way to help clean your pups teeth and massage their gums when they tug and chew on it.

Flossy - 3 Knot Color Rope Tug

I bought these for the first tug toys my dog and I would enjoy because they looked durable and like they would withstand some heavy playtime.

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Ourpets: LOLdog Mood Ball

Ourpets has come out with LOLdog plush toys.  Meant to resemble the emoticons used in digital communications, Ourpets promises to provide the store aisle with humour and a splash of colour.
Ourpet - Mood BallLilo beelined to a bucket of these guys in the store.  They were on sale for $2 and seemed to be of higher quality than her current fluffy so I decided to take one of whatever she liked – I recall there being a noticeable difference between a likeable stuffy and an unwanted one.

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Ethical: Skinneeez Prehistoric Allosaurus

Skinneeez are plush toys that contain no stuffing so that there is no mess(yet more importantly – less of a choking hazard).  Two squeakers are sewn into the toy to provide ample noise generation for your pups delight.

Ethical - Skinneeez Prehistoric Allosaurus 23"
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