ToysRUs Pets – Squeaky Spike Ball

This toy reminded me of a similar toy I had gotten her previously(Mouth Massager) and I figured I’d give it a shot as a smaller ball could be fun for her to play with.

Featured image

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Jolly Pets: Jolly Ball

In looking for something for my dog to wrestle with that would drain her energy I came across the Jolly Ball.  The price was steep for my income and the material seemed easily destroyed but I was assured it was well loved by dogs so I decided to give it a shot.
Jolly Ball

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All For Paws: Mouth Massagers

A toy with no stuffing and a dental ball underneath the cute exterior drew my eye when I was Christmas shopping for myself Lilo.
All for Paws - Mouth MassagersSeriously though, how can you resist something this cute?  Especially when it advertises that it has a dental ball inside of it so that your dog gets a mouth massage when it chews on it.

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Kong: Wobbler

A Kong product meant specifically for entertaining food dispersal became a Christmas gift for my pup when I found myself feeling guilty that I didn’t give her enough toys.

Kong states on the back that this is a toy where you should supervise the dog, encouraging rocking of the Wobbler and discouraging chewing. I’ve been doing so, and would encourage others to do so as well, as this is not a toy that will stand up to chewing.

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Hear Doggy!: Flats

An “ultrasonic toy” that says “no more annoying squeaky toys!” attracted my eye and I read that this toy emits a sound that is above the human range of hearing.  While looking at it Lilo was having a hissy fit as the sound of pushed air hit my ears from the squeaker, so I got it.

Hear Doggy! - Flats Cat

I have no idea if it makes a noise above 20KHz but I can say that it doesn’t make a squeak that I can hear.

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Flossy: 3-Knot Color Rope Tug

Flossy markets this tug toy as a way to help clean your pups teeth and massage their gums when they tug and chew on it.

Flossy - 3 Knot Color Rope Tug

I bought these for the first tug toys my dog and I would enjoy because they looked durable and like they would withstand some heavy playtime.

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Bruin: Tricky Treats Dog Toy

The packaging states that it prevents unwanted chewing, that it’s easy to grab for dogs of all sizes and that it eliminates boredom and loneliness while providing endless hours of challenging fun.
Tricky Treats Dog Toy - Bruin

Note: This product appears to have two versions from two companies, this one is from Bruin Enterprises.

I can’t agree with that assessment in the least.  There are a few design flaws in this version of the toy that lead to an interesting clean-up that left me dissatisfied.
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Ourpets: LOLdog Mood Ball

Ourpets has come out with LOLdog plush toys.  Meant to resemble the emoticons used in digital communications, Ourpets promises to provide the store aisle with humour and a splash of colour.
Ourpet - Mood BallLilo beelined to a bucket of these guys in the store.  They were on sale for $2 and seemed to be of higher quality than her current fluffy so I decided to take one of whatever she liked – I recall there being a noticeable difference between a likeable stuffy and an unwanted one.

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