Bold Lead Designs – Traffic Lead

I purchased this alongside the Infinity Collar as it looked useful for trying to navigate the close confines of a large city with my pup.

Bold Lead Designs - Traffic Lead

I can safely say that you won’t be very far from your pup at any point in time and I would highly recommend against using this when your sole intent is a bathroom break.
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Bold Lead Designs – Infinity Collar No-Pull Training Aid

Advertised as a simple to use all-in-one head collar and leash – the Infinity Collar resembles a head halter with a very thin leash component.

Bold Lead Designs - Inifity LeadI was interested in trying it out as it has a lot of similarities to the head halters that you see and the size of the leash promised that very little force would be required to keep my dog from pulling away.
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Sporn: Halter

The Sporn Halter was recommended to me by an employee of a pet store that I used to frequent.  I’d gone in with Lilo trying her hardest to lick every employee in sight.  I showed concern over a head halter as I know dogs don’t take to it and she smiled and ran me to the harness section.  After a brief consult she threw one of these on my dog in record time and told me to walk around and make sure it was the right thing for us.

sporn halter

I have to say I’m impressed.  It doesn’t stop her from jumping up on people if they get close but we are learning that now that we can actually approximate people without lunging on the leash so hard one feels like gasping for air in sympathy of her lungs.

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