Aussie Naturals – Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

In attempting to find something that Lilo will actually take time to chew I decided to try a salmon skin cigar.
Aussie Naturals - Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

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Crumps’ naturals – Sweet Potato Chews

These were on sale and I figured I’d give em a shot as the only listed ingredient was sweet potato and I wanted to see if Lilo would like it.

Crumps' Naturals - Sweet Potato Chews


I’ve also wanted to buy a dehydrator for awhile and thus figured I’d see if the end product was appreciated in the first place.

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Wysong – Dream Treats (Quail)

I was looking for a small treat for my pup and found one of these guys in individual packaging so I figured that I’d give it a try.

Wysong - Dream Treats (Quail)

These treats are claimed to be good for dogs, cats and ferrets, being raw meat treats(it’s quite dry so the word raw feels misleading) it’s said to be extremely healthy and that the discs can be used as meal supplements now and then.  It’s incredibly loaded with various supplements though and the ingredient list is about the size of the biscuit itself.

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Snicky Snaks – Blueberry Crunch Bar

An organic dog treat from Snicky Snaks the blueberry crunch bar smelled really delicious, I had to get it.

Snicky Snaks - Blueberry Crunch Bar

I’m not a big fan of the whole organic movement for various reasons but this treat was within my budget and I felt guilt for leaving my dog alone and going shopping so I decided to bring home the delicious smelling snack.

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