Aussie Naturals – Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

In attempting to find something that Lilo will actually take time to chew I decided to try a salmon skin cigar.
Aussie Naturals - Alaskan Salmon Cigar Whole Skin

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Etta Says – Crunchy Duck Chews

Yet another I was out and felt guilty purchase!  Etta Says crunch duck chews!

Etta Says - Crunch Duck Chew

Another product proud to be made in the USA and also is claimed to be natural.

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Merrick – Miss Porky Chews

Merrick offers Miss Porky Chews – a pork ear chew for dogs that is larger than most other pork ear chews due to being used from sows ears instead of “traditional pig ears”.

Merrick - Miss Porky Chews

Right now I’m feeling very happy that I have the ability to steer away from meat and a need to chew on meaty things. ¬†This style of treat is not for the weak of stomach but if you can get over the initial shock factor it may be a great treat for your pup to enjoy.

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