Dog Emotion and Cognition – Duke University (through Coursera)

An on-line course offered for free from Dr. Hare (the gentleman introduced in last weeks review with the cognition book), Dog Emotion and Cognition offers 10-15 hours of lectures and “assignments” which leads to either an understanding of your dog(for free) OR that AND a certificate showing you did the course.

I ended up opting into getting the certificate though you get no additional learning from it.  I also haven’t subscribed to his Dognition website yet though I’d like to.

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Kygen Outward Hound – Quick Access Treat ‘N Training Bag

Outward Hound has invented a treat bag that gives quick access to treats/kibble so that you can keep focusing on training.Outward Hound - Quick Access Treat 'N Training Bag I personally sport the blue around my waist so as to match my pups collar. 

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Why I speak to my dog in complete sentences.

Crazy, I know, but I do it.

Not all the time mind you, just some of the time.  Namely when I’m out in public or have people over.  I’m well aware that my lovely Lilo doesn’t understand any of the words that I’m saying that I haven’t taught her, and I’ve been told this by some well-meaning people who just don’t seem to understand my motives.  The thing is, I’m not talking to her in complete sentences for her benefit, I’m talking to her for the benefit of others.
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“Good Owners, Great Dogs” – Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson

Focusing on a balanced training approach, “Good Owners, Great Dogs” works to help owners solve their “bad dog” problems by understanding the body language of the pup.  Corrections are not shunned but care is made to ensure that people know what is a “correction” and what is “useless/abusive”.

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